Welcome adventurer.

You have entered the world of Endless Adventures the Live Action Roleplay game where players control their characters in every move.

Adventures are held year round with overnight campouts during the summer months. Test your stamina as you fight all day and into the night to accomplish your goal. Show off your fighting ability as you fight other PC's to prove you are the champion during the feast and tournaments held twice a year. Are you a good and noble warrior who will battle against bandits, orcs and undead to protect the villagers? Will you learn the detailed magic system and use your brains and wit to gain glory? How about a ruthless thief, who will think only about himself and how many Jacks he'll put into his coffers? Every decision you make or don't make will play into how you character is portrayed, and how others react around you. You decide each adventure you're character plays.

As an NPC you help the storyline flow for the PC party. Give them a friendly encounter or a nearly impossible fight, whatever the story calls for as decided by the Adventure Lords. You can use this time as an NPC to try out and enhance your skills or try a different fighting style. Points are earned for each adventure attended and by the level of participation.

Find out how brave you are when you don't know what creature awaits ahead of you, an orc or ogre maybe or perhaps an undead looking for its next meal. If you're lucky, maybe it's just your average rogue ready to take what you have earned and not a vampire or werewolf ready to take your life. Grab your gear and set forth to prove your worth.

Let the adventures begin.